Banksia Park Primary School


Our School Policies

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Dogs on School Grounds

It is an offence for any dog to be on the school premises or school grounds unless special permission has been given by the Principal. Owners of dogs found on the school premises are liable. Under section 39 of the Dog Control Act there is a fine of $50 for any dog picked up on school grounds by local council inspectors. The only exception to this is guide dogs.

Emergency Contact Information

There are instances when the school may be required to contact parents/guardians at short notice and to facilitate this there is a Student Information Form which is filled in at the start of each year. The information contained on this form is vital. Please notify us of any changes.

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Early Collection

When this is necessary an early collection form or a note must be completed. Early Collection forms are available at the office and must be completed by the adult collecting the student.

Once a student has arrived at school they will not be allowed to leave without written permission.

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Lost Property

Lost property is kept at school for a term and that which is unclaimed is passed on to a charitable organisation or sold as second hand clothing at school.

Please label clothing in order to minimize the amount of lost property.

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All money must be paid at the front office between 8.30 and 9 am then from 3pm until 3:30pm. It is also helpful if payment is made with correct money as we do not have a lot of change. For younger children we strongly recommend that money sent to school be enclosed in a SEALED envelope. The envelope should be clearly labelled with the child's name, room number, the amount enclosed, and the specific purpose of the money.

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School Watch

Parents and neighbours are asked to report any suspicious activity to the police hotline on Phone 11 444.

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Smoke Free Zone

In accordance with government regulations this school is a Smoke Free Zone.

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