Banksia Park Primary School


Our School Highlights

The Choir

The school choir supported by our Arts teacher, continues to achieve high assessment  and their participation in the Primary School's Music Festival continues to be well supported and well received.

Peer Mediators:

The school continues it's proud tradition of this strong group of senior students who continue to provide support to younger students in the school yard. The Peer Mediators are trained and supported by a nominated teacher.

Specialist Physical Education:

Though specific Government funding for this area has ceased we continue to make Physical Education a specialist subject. A specialist PE teacher takes each class for a minimum one lesson per week for focused PE which is supplemented by class teachers own programs. The school also continues with additional programs such as Dance Sport, swimming/aquatics, and Tri-skill gymnastics that promote lifelong positive attitudes towards physical activity. We proudly assert that we exceed the Australian Government target of 90 minutes physical activity per week.

Active After School Communities:

The school and OSHC continue to be part of this government funded program which introduces students to a wide range of physical activities two afternoons a week. A healthy afternoon tea is provided through additional funding for this program.


The school was successful in applying for grants under the Investing In Our School program and Community Water Grants program which have seen new interactive whiteboards installed in two classrooms, playground upgrades including new fixed play equipment and water saving measures implemented in the school.