Banksia Park Primary School


Health and Safety

Accident and Illness

If a minor injury or illness occurs, the child will be looked after by a staff member. Staff hold a current basic casualty course certificate. Children must first see a teacher on yard duty if hurt in any way.

They will be sent to the office when necessary where we have staff with current senior first aid certificates.

In the case of illness or major accident, parents or guardians will be notified (if possible) and the appropriate action undertaken. Ambulance will be called if required. It is important that parents make sure that the emergency contact information is up-to-date at all times.

In the event that emergency contacts cannot be made, the school will take whatever appropriate action is required for the safety of the child. If necessary, an unwell child will be seen by a local doctor, usually the family doctor. Parents are advised NOT to send sick children to school.

Hot Weather & Wet Weather

Hot Weather

On days of extreme heat or wind, our policy is that younger students remain inside and are supervised by their teachers. Older students have a shortened outside break and are encouraged to play in the shade. The second half of lunchtime is inside.

Wet Weather

Children remain indoors under supervision during wet weather. At recess and lunch time a wet weather bell is sounded to indicate to students to return to class.

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Children who require daily medication, must have a Medication Management Plan signed by a medical professional.

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School Security

Parents/residents in the area can apply to join the Safety House Scheme. Applications are checked by the Safety House Association of SA inc. and the SA Police Force prior to admission to the scheme.

The school has frequent surveillance at night, weekends and holidays by security patrols.

Parents witnessing any infringements on school premises should contact the police on 11444.

A School Watch committee monitors and works to improve the safety and security of our school.

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